Sport Lake


SUNREAD SPORT LAKE a model especially developed for fishing in allround light conditions with contract enhancement against green vegetation in the water. With a 14 mm reading lens built in to your sunglasses you will be able to tie the knot on the fishing tackle or read your mobile, maps or other fine text from approx 45 cm distance. Enhance your outdoor activities with perfect vision. You do not need to change between your reading glasses and your sunglasses. Sunread does it for you!


Information about SUNREAD SPORT LAKE

Lens: Polycarbonate 2mm

Aspheric: Asphaltic grinding / Optically correct

UV A + B: 100% UV400 protection

Bow: Grilamid arch (TR90), suitable for both women and men

Polarization: 100% polarizing

Solfilter: Filter 3 – (3 without 4)

Lens filter: Copper colored lenses

Bifocal: 14 mm reading box

Certification: CE-marked. Protective goggles according to ANSI Z7.1 + / EN166F

The width of the arch Total width (inner dimensions) – 132 mm (outer diameter 142 mm)

Lens height Overall height 42 mm

Total Length Total Length 160 mm

Product Information

SUNREAD SPORT LAKE (Bifocal) are made with the highest quality materials in both lenses and frame. This lenses are suitable for strong light conditions and specially made for fishing. By using copper lenses with filter 3, you will enjoy your looking into water where the copper colour filters away some of the green light enabling better view against green vegetation under water. Sunread lenses are full of advantages such as aspheric lenses that avoid angle distortion in the periphery. Copper lenses with injected polaroid (not coating) give the clearest sight in a pair of sunglasses with a very high transmittable light factor. Copper lenses makes colours appearing varm and comfortable and are perfect for driving in strong light conditions. Sunread lenses are made of 2 mm polycarbonate which is almost impossible to destroy.

Lens strength comes in +1,5 +2,0 and +2,5

Lenses in SUNREAD SPORT LAKE are Aspheric. This gives a better sight in the periphery.

Maximum flexibility by using Grilamid (TR90) – “Artificial Titanium” makes it a size for all.

Facts: CE marked, Polycarbonate lenses, 100 % UV-400 protection, TR90 frame, aspheric glass, Sun filter 3. See our product information guide here

SUNREAD SPORT LAKE frames are made of Grilamid (TR90). This material is extremely flexible fitting all sizes of head shape.

All Sunread Sport models are safety tested according to ANSI Z87.1+:2010 and EN 166 F:2002


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