Sport Focus


Sport Focus is a pair of sports / goggles with strength throughout the lens. Suitable if you need to work in front of a machine / monitor and need strength throughout the lens. The strengths in stock are +1.0 +1.5 and +2.0



  • Lens: Polykarbonate 2mm
  • Aspheric: Aspheric design / Optical correct
  • UV A+B: 100% UV400 protection
  • Frame:  material Grilamid (TR90), unisex
  • Polarising:  Not polarising
  • Sunfilter: Filter 0 – (0 of 4)
  • Lens filter: Clear lenses, no colour
  • Certification: CE-marked. Protective glasses as per ANSI Z87.1+ / EN166F
  • Frame width  – Total width (inner) – 132 mm (outer 142 mm)
  • Lens height  – Total height 42 mm
  • Total längd  – Total length 160 mm

Product Information

SUNREAD FOCUS is available with or without reading function.

For those who need single vision strength, a pair of SUNREAD Focus single vision glasses will help you a lot in your everyday life.

The lenses are interchangeable in case of scratches occurs, but you can also order loose lenses if you wish to supplement with a lens of a different color. The power in the lenses covers the entire field of view, though not the entire lens, but as they sit quite close to the eye you still have a wide field of view the same as in a pair normal prescription glasses. The glasses are delivered in a soft fiber bag and in a hard case and of course it includes a cleaning cloth.


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