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SUNREAD SPORT GOLF PRO is for you with high demands in your game. With contrast enhancement, “Blue Ray” and “Anti-Reflex” which gives sharper shades and better distance assessment.

You see the ball better in all light conditions. Pale yellow polarising lenses filter-2 and 100% UV protection. Approved as personal protection aid according to European and American standards (EN 166 F / ANSI Z87.1 +)

SUNREAD SPORT GOLF PRO is available with or without reading function. Increased height of the glass (44mm) and reduced reading pane (12 mm) which means that the reading part does not disturb your game. If you wear reading glasses, choose the bifocal lenses that make your life easier, as these will prevent you from switching between reading and sunglasses.

You can order extra lenses here: Sunread X-lens

All SUNREAD SPORT can be made with optical insert lenses as per prescription



  • Lens: Polycarbonate 2 mm
  • Aspheric: Aspheric design / Optical correct
  • UV A+B: 100% UV400 protection
  • Frame: Grilamid frame (TR90), passar både kvinnor och män
  • Polarising: 100% polarised
  • Shade: Filter 2 – (2 utan 4) 50%
  • lens filter: Yellow contrast enhancing glas with Blue Ray and Blue Anti-Reflex. Hydrophobic surface (water repellant)
  • Bifocal: 44mm glas height with 12 mm reading area (Reduced for golf)
  • Certification: CE-marking. Protective eyewear as  per ANSI Z7.1+ / EN166F
  • Total width: Total bredd (inside frame) – 132 mm (outside frame 142 mm)
  • Lens height: Total glas height 44 mm
  • Total length: Total temple length 160 mm

SUNREAD SPORT GOLF comes with or without bifocal area

Product Information

SUNREAD Pro Golf Sunglasses are developed with a very advanced glass. Yellow color suppresses blue light and now we have also added “Blue Ray” filters that filter blue light directly when it becomes visible up to 430 nanometers. At the same time, we have added blue anti-reflex on the inside to remove disturbing reflections that can occur between the eye and the glass on the inside.

New are adjustable nose pads made entirely of rubber so you can lift or lower the arch of the nose if needed. The glass is also treated with nanoparticles that have hardened in a vacuum. This gives a hydrophobic surface that is extra water-repellent and gives a harder surface. By raising the height of the glass by 2 mm and a 12 mm reading pane, the transition area will be further down, ie less disturbing when you have to Tee off.

The reading area is so far down that it completely disappears from the field of view in medium and long distance vision. You then no longer need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses, which is best for the eyes that do not have to adjust between various lights. You get a very high-contrast vision that improves your distance assessment and gives a calm and nice light to the eyes so you can concentrate on your game.

The glasses are replaceable if the damage is present, but it is also possible to order loose lenses if you wish to supplement with a lens of a different color. The bifocal lenses have a sharp transition so that the brain much more easily relates to the reading part, you experience the reading part as an asset. The glasses are delivered in a soft fiber bag in a hard case and of course a cleaning cloth is included.


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