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SUNREAD Optics (Optical insert) is a unique concept where we add optical lenses to a pair of SUNREAD sunglasses that are mounted to the frame on the inside of the sunglass lens. The optical lenses on the inside are so close to the outer sunglass lens that there is no problem with eyelashes touching the lens.

It is very easy to replace the outer sunglass lens if you want a different colour. Easy to clean, just take off the outer sunglass lenses. Do you want bifocal sunglasses (reading strength) for “Presbyopia”, you can add this or we will find it in your prescription.

It works like this: Choose the colour of the sunglass (see all our different models on the shop page), choose the colour of the frame and as extra, select strength on the bifocal reading area (leave this selection blank if you want us to follow your prescription). Last but not least, you take a picture of your prescription and upload. If you want to order extra loose sunglass lenses, then you find it in the shop under X-lens.

If the optical lenses are in stock, your order will be sent within 48 hours, otherwise about 5 working days. -Free shipping within Europe-

If you have any questions, please call + 46-42-453 90 90 or email : info@sunread.se

You have to upload your eye recipe to be able to complete your order (if you are having problems please email your image/file to info@sunread.se!)

Sunread OPTICS

SUNREAD Optics is a concept for those who need strength at a distance throughout the field of vision (myopic/long-sighted/astigmatism). We start from our Sport frame which we mount optical lenses on the inside. Existing sunglass lenses will fit outside the optical lenses which is already available with finished sunglasses that are easy to change and where you can buy extra loose sunglasses lenses for different needs.

You have an prescription from your optician and we then make an optical lens in your strength. These are mounted into the sports frame close to the outer sunglass lens (sitting completely close to the inside of the sunglasses). This is called optical insert and has many advantages. We can use our existing frames and sunglass lenses, both with or without bifocal area (presbyopia). Together with the optical lenses you get a pair of sunglasses entirely according to your prescription.

In most cases it is better with bifocal lenses for sports activities when you are moving your head quickly as for example sailing, jogging, biking.

We recommend this concept for optical powers from-4.0 to + 4.0 diopters with cylinder values below -2.5. For stronger powers, it is completely depending on the tolerance of your eyes if it will works for you as our sports frame is head shaped and angled so that the sunglasses should fit snug around the head.

You have 14 days purchase on approval even on optical lenses as per your prescription!

Product Information

We have supplied lenses with diopter -6.0 to + 6.0 even with high cylinder values with very good results but we all have different tolerance in our eyes so we make a small reservation for just higher strengths. Contact us if you feel uncertain, we will find a solution for you with an open purchase.

  • Easy to remove the outer sun glasses to clean the glasses on the inside
  • Adjustable nose pads for personal adjustment (distance to eyelashes)
  • Single strength/Toric Lenses (single astigmatism/refractive error/prism) at the same price
  • Easy to change to another color on the sunglass lens
  • Reading area sits in the outer sunglass lens
  • Wider field of view
  • Top quality sunglasses in your strength without costing more
  • Certified as safety goggles that you can use at work (the outer sunglass lens is 2 mm polycarbonate)
  • If you get a damage to the sunglass lens, you can buy a new separate
  • Optical lenses with index 1.61 and some strengths in index 1.67
  • We cut lenses in our own workshop or manufacturing through our certified Opticians
  • Fast delivery, lenses in stock 1-2 days, 5-8 days when ordering lenses


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