HELLOO meet the summer with a pair of classic sunglasses. A little rounder in its shape with green/black Demi melange and polished finish. Comes with 16 mm reading view (or completely without). The bow is of Grilamid (TR90) that can withstand most things. Sunread always uses polycarbonate lenses and this has 1.8 mm thickness that provides extra safety. Filter 3 darkness grade and smoked lens.


SUNREAD JADE bifocal sunglasses with a reading area are available with or without reading function.

For those who want a pair of elegant sunglasses with or without reading box for everyday life.

You no longer need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses when you’re outdoors. Sunread’s bifocal sunglasses (sunglasses with reading area) are the solution. Read a book, the menu on the outdoor terrace or mobile, without having to switch to reading glasses.

The wide range of different lenses for different occasions, makes it easy to find the perfect lens that best suits your interests and environments.

The bifocal lenses have a sharp transition so that the brain is much easier to relate to the reading area, you experience the reading area as an asset. The glasses are delivered in a soft fiber bag, in a soft case and of course it includes a polishing cloth. You can read more about the technology behind Sunread sunglasses here.

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What are ” bifocal sunglasses ”

Bifocal – Sunglasses with reading box

The word “Bifocal” is two words, bi = two and focal = focus. The word describes an optical lens with two different abrasions. In Sunread Sunglasses, we have cast an optical lens at the bottom in various strengths that hold very high quality. The rest of the sunglasses are without strength so when you look straight ahead the strength is zero. If you hold your head still and look down with your eyes, you will see through a pair of reading glasses that provide the magnification needed to be able to focus up close.

With insert optics, a single-cut optical lens is applied to the inside of the sunglasses and provides the strength needed at a distance (-) at nearsightedness and (+) at nearsightedness. Most vision certificates from an optician also state what supplement is needed to read up close. This “add-on” is often referred to by the English word “Addition” or Add. The strengths at a distance and close are added together to give your total reading strength. That is why insert optics and bifocal sunglasses work perfectly as there are two different lenses working together.


  • Lins: Polycarbonate 1,8 mm
  • Asfäriska: Asfärisk slipning / Optiskt korrekta
  • UV A+B: 100% UV400 skydd
  • Båge: Grilamidbåge (TR90), passar både kvinnor och män
  • Polarisering: Ej polariserande
  • Solfilter: Filter 3 – (3 utan 4)
  • Linsfilter: Rökfärgade (grå) neutrala mot färger
  • Bifokala: 16 mm läsruta
  • Certifiering: CE-märkta
  • Bågens bredd:Total bredd (innermått) – 132 mm (yttermått 142 mm)
  • Linsens höjd: Total höjd 42 mm
  • Total längd: Total längd 160 mm