For those of you who need reading glasses, a couple of SUNREAD BREEZE will make a lot easier in your everyday life – you no longer need to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses when you are outdoors. The lenses are ground at the bottom – you always have your reading glasses with you!

You can easily read through the reading box when, for example, you need to see the dashboard in the car, other motor vehicle or on the motorcycle.

The bifocal lenses have a sharp transition so that the brain is much easier to relate to the reading part, you experience the reading part as an asset. The glasses are supplied in a soft fiber bag in a hard case and of course it includes a cleaning cloth.


Produkt Fakta

Lens: Polycarbonate 2mm (15mm Bifocal) 

Aspheric:  Aspheric design / Optical correct, the safety increases when it is sharp even in the peripheral vision, outward sides. The lens is thinner and lighter.

UV A+B: 100% UV400 protection

Båge: Comprehensive slightly thinner frame, can be more easily used while wearing a helmet. 

Polarisering: 100%

Sun filter: 3 (3 of 4) 

Lens filter: Grey lens 

Bifocal: Reading area 15mm from the bottom of the frame. 

Strength: +1.5, +2.0, +2.5

Other: CE-marked

Product Information

SUNREAD BREEZE is a pair of polished sunglasses that work like regular sunglasses when you look straight ahead, but lowers his eyes, you see through this and then have a pair of reading glasses without having to change!

The lens is smoke (gray) and have the darkness 3 (3 of 4), which is the darkest sunglasses you may have to run the car.Neutral color rendition and with polarized lenses. 100% UV protection


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